Dispatches from the Front Lines – Reflections on the Glory and Grind of Pastoral Ministry, 2nd Edition

Dispatches from the Front Lines: Reflections on the Glory and Grind of Pastoral Ministry is what Pastor Jim Andrews calls his “legacy book.” This revised volume represents the harvest of insight and wisdom from over a half-century of pastoring and teaching pastoral students. While written primarily for pastors, this volume contains a wealth of principles and perspectives that will aid the walk of any believer who seriously intends to follow Christ, especially those who aspire to lay leadership in the church. For pastors, this work can shorten the learning curve for novices and perhaps even strengthen the vocational resolve of veterans as well.

"…an indispensable tool for effective front-line ministry." - Randy Adams

2nd Edition Are you battle weary? Are you daunted by the task before you, either as a new pastor or as an established one facing church conflict? Then this volume, which represents 52 years (and counting) in pastoral and academic ministry, is just what you need.


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