Marriage Without Remorse – Rules for the Road

Marriage does not have to be a bummer. There is nothing wrong with the divine institution; there is often much wrong with our execution. Marriage without remorse is not an accident. More often than not, it is our persistent foolishness and our sins that turn what God intends for a blessing into a chronic burden. Follow the rules for the road and marriage can be a taste of heaven on earth.

And what about those marriages already in trouble? They can be salvaged if both partners will reset and resolutely adhere to the rules for the road. With mutual commitment, i.e. both spouses going all-in, marital harmony and happiness can be restored, though not on the cheap and probably not overnight. For those spouses whose efforts to sustain their marriages are largely and sadly one-sided projects, the author offers encouragement and coping advice.

"Marriages can get away from us the same way games sometimes get away from our favorite sports teams. All play to win, but some don’t play smart. In marriage, as in sports, good intentions are often defeated by bad execution." - Jim Andrews

As long as we keep freelancing it and repeating the same old killer mistakes, it is no wonder that couples throw up their hands and whine, “Marriage is so hard!” No, the author contends, it is not the divine institution that is so hard; it is the hard-headed individuals in it who give it a bad rap.


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