Polishing God’s Monuments, 3rd Edition

Polishing God’s Monuments is the true story of a young woman and her devoted husband who face it all (and then some) as a baffling, mind-boggling illness hijacks their youth and shatters their dreams. Polishing God’s Monuments blends straightforward theology with the account of this young couple’s afflictions.

"Do any of us enjoy pain? Have your dreams for a fulfilling life turned into disappointment? This story is a gripping account about a young couple who face much suffering and disappointment with courage." - Arline Rummell

2017 Revised Edition

A sober reality in the life of faith is that “through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22). God’s people are buffeted in two ways: sometimes we suffer for the faith and other times we suffer with faith. Either way, our faith remains a work in progress. In the midst of troubles, our emotions can vacillate between hope and despair, submission and rebellion. Our understanding can alternate between moments of comprehension and times of total confusion. This book confronts these issues head-on and offers believers biblical perspective, practical direction, and sustaining hope.

ISBN 978-1-941658-10-9

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