This is the story Andrews tells in this book. A pastor for the last seventeen years and a seminary professor before that, the bulk of the narrative comes in the form of letters he wrote to his congregation to keep them updated on the drama of Juli’s life. But woven between these touching letters is straightforward theology–biblical reflections on the nature of suffering, the character of God, and the important discipline of looking to what God has done in the past to remind us of His faithfulness in the present and the future. That discipline, which Andrews refers to as “Polishing God’s Monuments,” gives title to the book. ~ Tim Challies

The book is interesting in that the chapters alternate from letters to his church regarding the health of his daughter and chapters which read like sermons–get your highlighter, Bible and tissue out! The insight into the scriptures and people of the bible in the “sermon” chapters are amazing and deep, yet still clear to most readers. All Christians would benefit from reading this “work of the heart”. Get a copy for yourself and extras to share with others–especially those who have any type of affliction. (Most of us Christians do!) “You can’t call this a book – it is so much more” ~ Teresa, California

Polishing God’s Monuments is a must read for those whose faith is wavering due to the pillages of suffering. It reminds us to honor God’s achievements and honr his influence in our lives. ~ Salvador Sebasco, Literary Director and host of THE INSIDE VIEW broadcast, book critic, on staff with a CNN affiliate

Those collisions between truth and life at the intersection of the mind and heart are evident throughout the book. He constantly shows how trust must prevail even when it seems impossible. ~ Jeff Fuller, GA

The book touched me and spoke to me on many levels – about many of my experiences both past and present as “ i work out my faith with fear and trembling”. ~ Luue

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